Karate Punches

For centuries martial arts instructors have trained students to deliver the most efficient and devastating punching techniques. In Okinawa, the same thing happened. The Karate Instructor perfects the Karate punch technique to penetrate the armor worn by the Samurai.

Only after years of training and experimentation can Karate students attain this proficiency. In order to strike an efficient and devastating blow, a student must correctly perform the technique about 10,000 times to master it. This applies to any technique that a modern Karate student learns. Once the technique is mastered, only then can a student deliver a devastating attack without even thinking about it. In some cases, they don’t even remember doing it.

How to Do a Karate Punch in Shotokan

Very few Karate students really understand the concept of Karate strokes. They were never really told all aspects of the punch as this was part of a secret technique. There were only a few extremely loyal martial artists who had access to the secrets and would only use the information for personal and family self-defense. They don’t what this information to get into the wrong hands. Some of this information, over the years, never left the small group of practitioners protecting the secrets of Karate.

To truly understand the proper way to strike a Karate stroke, a karate student must first understand the three basic human responses to danger and how to deal with them. It was primitive in nature and still exists in humans today. The three basic responses to danger are the Freeze, Flight, or Fight mechanics. This response affects the body’s reaction. In other words, your response to danger is first to stand still, second to run, and finally when cornered. As a martial artist, to respond to danger you must first overcome the frozen response to take action against the threat. If you freeze when someone punches you, you will be hit. The flying mechanism is a good defense and the first defense that must be considered. Combat mechanics should only be used when you have no other choice.

A punch or punch can be quick and swift but not powerful if not executed properly. The effect can be a stinging attack to the opponent, not a knock out blow. Delivering an unbalanced blow will lose most of the amazing power on contact. Physical state Force equals Mass times Acceleration. In this equation speed can cover inefficiencies in engineering. Looking at the equation a little deeper if mass and acceleration are maximum, the applied force can destroy an attacker.

There are several aspects in karate strokes, namely focus, muscle control, eye location, breathing technique, mental attitude, unification of mind and body, fist formation, ready stance, hip movement, shoulder movement, arm movement, elbow placement. , knowledge of maximum power range, recoil, and understanding of attack Physics. Seems like a lot to remember. Actually not, with proper training and in-depth knowledge of the basic aspects. Practitioners can deliver powerful explosive Karate punches without considering all aspects of the stroke. Unconsciously the mind reacts so fast it doesn’t need thinking. The subconscious mind controls the body allowing the body to react to conflict or threatening danger.

Karate punching secret:

The punch must be done without any hindrance. Execution must be precise, targeted, thoughtless, and delivered with the right speed, balance, and technique. The sudden movement of the body wasted energy and directed the striking power of the technique. Your body should be upright with your eyes facing forward to improve peripheral vision and vision of conspicuous areas.

Smoothly executed techniques produce the most power without wasting energy. Most Karate students spend years learning this. Some never learn it and quit because they haven’t mastered this basic concept. Understanding these concepts will go a long way in developing your Karate stroke technique. Basic knowledge of how to execute Karate strokes will lead to a better understanding of all Karate techniques.