Learn Karate

Are you tired of getting dumped when you are bullied? Are you lacking in confidence? Are you looking for a way to develop your body physically? Then, why not learn karate? Karate is suitable for all ages and you will not regret enrolling in a karate class because you will definitely experience the things you expect.

Learning karate starts with the desire to do it. It should be noted that karate is not only a sport but also an art. Thus, learning karate is not like learning to count. Instead, it requires passion and dedication. The best karate practitioners are those who value the discipline itself and don’t just apply it to make others proud. Karate is a respected discipline and the same should be done at all times. This is one of the core values ​​taught in most karate schools.

How to Teach Yourself the Basics of Karate

Karate means “empty hands” in everyday language. They were developed in Japan, along with other types of martial arts. Decades passed, his fame grew all over the world. Currently, karate has been practiced by many people. In fact, there have been various competitions and tournaments held to determine the best practitioners in various parts of the world. They are not only appreciated by adults but also by young people who are now increasing in number.

To learn karate, you have to go through a rigid process. For an ordinary person this might be difficult as it involves some physical strength to endure. Moreover, if a person likes to learn karate in the truest sense, he must have discipline within himself. However, for those who are already used to some physical activity, then it will not be too difficult.

The first step in learning Karate is the introduction of individual techniques, such as single blocks and attacks. It’s similar to learning English, you have to start with the basic alphabet. When these single techniques are assembled, they can form a variety of basic shapes. The practice of these basic techniques is called “basic”, or Kihon in Japanese. Later, you will learn the Katas or sequential moves that are included in each karate lesson.

How do I learn karate at home for self-defense?

As already mentioned, to learn karate, one must know the basic moves. An example is a block. Blocks are needed to be able to prevent further attacks from the opponent. When performed with precision and power, blocks can cause injury to the opponent’s limbs and legs. Kicks on the other hand are best done using a training bag. In addition to strengthening the muscles of the lower body, kicks are also used as a general defensive move when attacked. When one learns these basic movements, one can progress to higher levels of routine and technique.

Learning karate is not only suitable for adults but also for children. In fact, starting young is better to be able to fully develop in the near future. It will not only make a person physically fit but also mentally stable and socially developed.